About Us

For just a few dollars, you can help keep memes around, as a fundamental part of internet society and culture, it is everyone’s job to keep them out there. From Pepe to overly attached girlfriend, how else are we expected to express discomfort or laugh at overbearing people? Certainly not to their face, but through memes. Though they’re like viruses, they only infect the person reading it and generally with a laugh.

Our Team

Dr. H. Plebenstine


Specializes in all types of memes, usually the over-protective girlfriend and how they relate to today’s society.

Dr. I. P. Freely


Specializes in Nyan Cat in space, the rainbow coming from the poptart’d cat and the frequency of the ‘nyan’s’.

Dr. Boris Window

Marine Plebology

Specializes in memes about the ocean, PACIFIC-ally marine wildlife. It has an ocean of possibilities.

Dr. M. C. Snrub

Normie Economist

Studies the effects of memes on and about the economy, even though he is a “normie” and studies other normies, his research is critical to saving the memes.