Yung Ali ♡

Yung Ali (also known as ‘the kawaii queen’) is 1-800-WeebSquad’s founding lead vocalist and lover of Japanese, Victorian and aesthetic culture. She’s also a massive metal head underneath all of the cuteness. Her solo album, ‘Rorita’ focused heavily on her consumerism, psychological wellbeing and obsession with the Japanese fashion, ‘Lolita’ which is also known as ‘Rorita’ in Japan.

Anthromeme aka. #philandtrill

Anthromeme is 1-800-WeebSquad’s living meme and specialist in trillwave music. Through the use of ironic song lyrics involving Internet culture, Anthromeme creates commentary on how Internet culture shapes our every day lives. He also loves cats.


Not much is known about \m/. He’s just a cool metal head who does the drumbeats for the band.


Kat-Senpai is one of the founding lead vocalists of the band along with being apart of ‘Trill Boyz’, a cut off hip hop group also featuring 1-800-WeebSquad members Anthromeme and Gumboots. Having a strong love of anime and aesthetic, he incorporates this love into his music. He also is a potential future band meme.


Futanana-Senpai (real name unknown) was a name given to the bands glamorous if not sassy vocalist. Like Yung Ali, he also has a strong love of anime and Japanese culture to the point that he incorporates the Japanese language into 1-800-WeebSquad’s songs creating a tie between western culture and eastern culture. He's also a master of diss raps.


Gumboots is #straightouttarootyhill (potential name of his future solo album) and the bands guitarist if not sometimes vocalist. Even though he’s personally more of a fan of acoustic rifts, he has thanks to the support of WeebSquad’s members learnt how to do edgy industrial metal rifts. There is also a story on the Internet called “The Beej” featuring him as the main character.


Even though she is 1-800-WeebSquad’s cutest member, we still don’t allow her near knives. ‘Nuff said.

Yung Borez

Yung borez is a weeaboo korean school boy from the high streets of gangnam, where he offshores his dance moves to PSY during concert tours for aesthetic and cash.