Starting off as a small musical project between friends in 2016, 1-800-WeebSquad has been bringing cult status Vaporwave/ Hip hop/ Industrial music to Internet radio waves. Since their debut self titled album, 1-800-WEEBSQUAD, the band has found fanfare on sites such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Youtube due to the bands edgy, if not geeky attitude that is also cultivated throughout their albums and songs. However, central to the band is their music commentary on sociocultural issues such as freedom of speech, psychology, consumer capitalism, popular and Internet culture i.e. memes. The band also shows off their love of Japanese and 90’s culture through their album artwork, and songs. Inspired from experimental and band-favourite musical artists such as Yung Lean, Macintosh Plus, KMFDM, Rammstein etc., 1-800-WeebSquad hopes to provide a musical insight into geek, alternative and industrial metal cultures that each member belongs too.